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Santorini, Greece

Is there Uber in Santorini? How to Get Around Santorini and Transportation Options

Santorini is arguably the most popular Greek island destination. 

Famous for its majestic sunsets, romantic vibes, and excellent dining, there is a good reason why millions of travelers chose this Greek island as a holiday spot for summer and off-season trips. 

With so many things to see and do, it would make sense that you want to arrange safe, reliable, and convenient transport around the island with a professional English speaking driver. 

Here is all you need to know about Uber in Santorini and how to get around this picturesque island.

Is there Uber in Santorini?

Uber has various service categories, including UberX (their standard service), UberTaxi (yellow taxis with local certified cab drivers), UberComfort (newer vehicles), and many more. 

At the moment, Uber in Santorini operates only through their UberX service.

Until 2018, travelers and locals could make use of UberX services in Athens and Santorini, and in 2021 Uber also came to Santorini island.

After legislative disputes with the local taxi drivers, only the UberTaxi service is now available in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Santorini. 

That means you can use the UberX service to request a ride from your phone for journeys between the airport and any of the towns.

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Santorini, Greece

How much does Uber cost in Santorini?

One thing travelers need to keep in mind is that Uber rides in Santorini have a set fee, with a minimum charge of 36€, by law. You can expect to pay the base rate for all rides, regardless of time and distance traveled.

That means choosing a private transfer with We Know Transfers can be a more convenient and affordable option.

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What other transportation services are there in Santorini? 

There are plenty of ways to get around the island of Santorini including: 

  • Public transport 
  • Car rental 
  • Local taxis
  • Private transfers 

Using public transport in Santorini 

You will find the central bus station in Fira. This is probably the cheapest way to get around the island, however, it does limit the places and times you can visit each location. If the bus arrives fully packed, you may also need to wait until the next one arrives. For the peak holiday season, this also means arriving with the crowds. 

Using a car rental service in Santorini 

A lot of visitors prefer to rent a car rather than use public transport. This gives you more flexibility in terms of the places you will visit and the hours you will choose to spend there. The downside with renting a car is finding parking, braving the cliffside roads, and saying no to the second glass of Vinsanto with your meal. 

Using local taxis in Santorini 

Santorini has a limited number of taxis that are mostly found in Fira Town and the airport. You may also request one from your hotel. One thing of note is that there are no taxi meters in Santorini. That means every ride is fixed and agreed upon with the driver before you begin. Charging per person is also very common. A 10-minute drive from the airport to the main city of Fira is around 20 euros during the day and 25 euros for nighttime journeys. 

Private transfers in Santorini 

The superior option for travelers that prefer to cruise in style and comfort and avoid unnecessary delays. Booking a private transfer with We Know Transfers for your group while in Santorini makes sense if you wish to see a lot of places and avoid queues and other delays. Your private, English-speaker driver is also guaranteed to make the trip more enjoyable with personalized suggestions for things to see and do around the island. 

We Know Transfers provides customized transport solutions in Santorini and other Greek destinations for business and leisure travels. Our Mercedes-Benz fleet of quality and stylish vehicles includes options for 1 to 21 guests to suit all your needs and occasions. We offer baby seats and booster seats for families traveling with children for added comfort and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions about Uber in Greece 

  • Is there Uber in Santorini? 

Technically yes, see above for more details. Very limited service available.

  • How many Greek cities have Uber? 

At the moment, Athens, Santorini, and Thessaloniki. This can change in the future. Find updated information here.

  • How does Uber in Greece work? 

After 2018, Uber only operates its UberTaxi service. That means, you can use the Uber app to request a ride, and a yellow taxi with a certified local cab driver will arrive to pick you up. You can still process card payments through the app. 

  • Is there Uber in Crete? 

Uber services are available in Santorini since 2021.

  • Do you recommend using Uber in Greece?

 Depends! For larger groups, a private transfer service is often a more cost-effective and enjoyable experience. At We Know Transfers, we offer a large selection of new, well maintained vehicles, English-speaking drivers, and affordable rates. You can request a quote with We Know Transfers here.

  • Is there Lyft in Greece?

No. So far, Lyft only operates in the U.S. and Canada. You can find all locations on their website here.